Ideas for decorating your game room

by Jeanne Turnock 06/16/2024

Establishing a dedicated space for a game room is only the beginning - now it's time for decorating. Game room design can include a wide variety of style elements, depending on your personal preferences and the types of games you play. If you play primarily video games, your setup will probably be different than if you exclusively play billiards.

No matter what games you love, you can use these fun tips to level up your game room:

Use game equipment as decor

If you have extra game equipment you don't use, why not turn it into wall art for your game room? Frame or mount board games in a gallery wall, or display vintage pool cues like priceless heirlooms.

Utilize built-in shelving

Create functionality and store games and DVDs by adding stylish floating shelves. Installing permanent shelving in your game room will get items off the floor and front-of-mind.

Store game consoles creatively

If you have multiple video game consoles, it can be fun to display them in creative ways. Try dedicating matching end tables for each console to add a bit of modern style to your gaming room.

Mount consoles on the wall

A favorite among video game room ideas is to mount your game consoles on the wall. You can use a variety of different methods and materials to store them vertically - while still keeping them accessible for use.

Get multipurpose furniture

Select versatile items such as a pool table that converts for dining, or ottomans with built-in storage space. Multipurpose furniture helps you stay flexible while also saving room for fun.

Have fun with colors

Use bright color palettes or striking colors to create an energy within. Or, paint your favorite game characters and imagery for a DIY accent wall.

Invest in unique gaming chairs

Why settle for boring gaming chairs when you could have all the bells and whistles? Check out chairs with built-in cup holders, USB charging ports and other awesome amenities to really take your space to the next level.

These are only a few ways to decorate your game room, but an excellent way to start. The biggest secret to a perfect gaming space is finding a balance between functionality and fun. Get creative, but also get comfortable - it's game time!