3 Backyard projects to boost your home's value

by Jeanne Turnock 06/09/2024

backyard projects home improvement white chairs around fire pit image text DIY Backyard projects to boost home value

Improving your home’s outdoor spaces will also improve your overall home’s value, but which backyard projects are really worth it? Among the myriad ideas for upgrading your outdoor living space, some certainly stand out as clear ways to boost your home’s value. 

Whether you want to sell your home or add equity while enjoying the benefits of DIY projects, here are some of the best backyard projects to consider:

Outdoor kitchen & dining space

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor space continue to shift, and more homeowners are wishing to spend time in their backyard. The best way to meet this demand is to have a dedicated outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area.

For a simple DIY outdoor kitchen, set up a prep table next to your grill. Once you add some outdoor seating and a table to gather around, you can enjoy hosting backyard parties or quiet household meals. Not only will you reap the benefits of your hard work, you’ll also add huge value to your home.

Garden path

If your backyard doesn’t already have a path or walkway, consider installing one for added functionality and a value boost. From sand to gravel to beautiful flagstone, there are many options for building a perfect garden path to match your outdoor space.

For a true DIY approach, try making your own concrete stepping stones. Mixing concrete and using a bucket lid or tray as a mold, you can make all the materials you need for a path and save money on your project.

Fire pit

A fire pit is one of the most timeless and popular features to add to your outdoor space. What better way to spend cool summer evenings than with a cheerful, cozy fire? If you have a backyard patio, consider incorporating a fire pit into your existing design.

Either consult the plethora of DIY fire pit building guides available online, or opt for a portable fire pit for maximum flexibility. Add some comfortable patio chairs or lawn furniture and increase your outdoor fun and home value at the same time.

infographic article summary DIY backyard projects to boost home value

Some other backyard ideas include upgrading your outdoor lighting, building a garden shed, or simply sprucing up your landscaping. Whichever way you choose to enhance your outdoor space, starting with these ideas is sure to pay off.